Is it really necessary to print this document?

Currently, while home printers are increasingly present in the home of Brazilians, the cost of cartridges and toners is still somewhat high. In fact, what might give a feeling of expensive product, is not even the price of the cartridge, but rather, its durability. Depending on the user, a cartridge may last only a week or two. However, even for these users, there are ways to conserve printer ink.

All tips presented here are free and easy to apply. Using these tips in your print routine can save you some reals. Let’s start!

Is it really necessary to print this document?

Tips-save-ink-printer-01The first thing you can do to save the ink of your home printer, or even your company’s printer, is to analyze whether you really need to print this or that document. We are in the 21st century and, in fact, it is no longer necessary to print everything we see ahead.

If, for example, you want someone else to have access to determine document, why not send the same to that person’s email? A good portion of the population already has access to smartphones and tablets, which further facilitates access to any kind of material. Making the printing something necessary only in specific situations.


Tips-save-ink-printer-02The printer you have in your home was not created to replace the services of a printer. Obviously, owning a printer at home is quite convenient. Whenever necessary, being able to print something without leaving home is a great idea! However, if you need to print flyers or invitations, for example, the services of a print shop are extremely useful! With a reduced price and higher quality, the graphics can offer you an excellent final product! Types of things that everyone can rarely do with the prints of their own home.

There is something else you should never do on a home printer: print color photos. Even if you print in high quality, your photo will not look good. Not to mention the expenses involved.

Optimize your print settings

Properly setting printer options helps you spend less ink. To access the settings panel and customize the print quality, click the “Start” button and open the ” Control Panel “. Under “Harware and Sounds,” choose “View printers and devices .” Double-click on your printer and press ” Adjust print options “.


The appropriate settings may vary depending on the individual. So look at each option and see how you can adjust the settings for greater savings.

One tip is, where possible, to print more than one page on one sheet. And in order for the pages to decrease, so that they fit on only one sheet, the system is already preparing for such a function.

Other tips

  • Use an ecofont. According to the creators, it reduces ink consumption by up to 50{60744f0919d53124c03a11d98318193fda80b8dce065a9d207ce3efef73ed2c9}. Download here .


  • When you want to print a portion of a site, you do not need to print the entire page of the site. You can print only the part that interests you. For this purpose, the large site . You can select the part of the page you want to print.


These were some tips that certainly helped you save on your printer’s ink!

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