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Best Apps of the Week for Mobile

What are the best tablet and cell phone launches of the week? TecMundo and  Baixaki  come hand in hand to show you what you want. And call us: our official app offers all this and comes with our liststo keep everyone always inside the latest highlights.

Check out our selection:

1. Cheetah Keyboard

Platforms:  Android  /  iOS

Are you a fan of alternative keyboards with increased features? So this app might be great for you. It recognizes gestures and streamlines your typing, learns from your mistakes, suggests corrections and allows for a very wide customization. And there’s variety in it: over a thousand colorful themes and 120 languages.

2. Messenger Lite

Platform:  Android

Facebook Messenger competes with  WhatsApp  among the most popular instant messaging on the market. This leaner version does not have many cards or emojis, nor does it allow you to open audio-visual conversations or ephemeral videos. But instead it takes up modest space and consumes less data from your web package.

3. Notify Me

Platform:  Android

If you have a common problem that many have, it is the lack of forgetting and for this you need to use reminders as well so they work better, so we have good news for you, this utility will supply your needs and make your life much easier than you imagine. Create simple notifications for the most varied tasks: arrival of emails, conversations in instant messengers, alarms to wake up from that nap, among other things. Thus, you no longer have excuse to lose appointments.

4. Garfield Fit

Platforms:  Android  /  iOS

You’ve probably heard of the laziest cat in world pop culture, have not you? To inspire, the feline decided to get out of the ostracism and exercise: with this app you can set specific goals and generate reports to know how your progress is progressing. What’s more, you can synchronize with Google Fit and accurately measure steps, calories, distance traveled, and other data.

5. Scorp

Platforms:  Android  /  iOS

This is an application that takes advantage of various features of other software: it is a social network focused on ephemeral messages – vertical and horizontal time lines are very reminiscent of  Instagram . The cheap here is flirting,  using popularity  to accumulate anonymous comments and, who knows, catching the attention of someone special.

6. Adventure Time Run

Platforms:  Android  /  iOS

Adventure Time is one of the coolest animations of recent years. If you do not know or want to visit this crazy universe, here is a good sample of the world of Jake and Finn: the title of “infinite race” has a visual and soundtrack very faithful to the original material. The game has precise buttons and guarantees very fun sessions. And you can still understand all the jokes, since the app has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese.

7. Criminal Case: Save the World!

Platforms:  Android  /  iOS

The formula has already been a bit beaten and the tasks are sometimes repetitive, but it seems that no one cares much about it – hunting for objects in a detailed setting remains one of the favorite pastimes of causal players. Here, the minigames in the interrogation sessions make the difference and can keep you more hours enjoying the puzzles.

8. Heroes Questions

Platform:  Android

Combine a card game with that style of tower defense and add a lot of questions about geography, history, politics, and pop culture to gain an edge when entering your deck on battlefields. This is the interesting mechanics of this game, which comes with localized content and translated into Brazilian Portuguese.

9. Beat Fever

Platforms:  Android  /  iOS

The rhythmic games that require the touch of the screen in the exact timing have come out of the shadows of references like Guitar Hero and have gained a proper scheme in the mobile devices . The sensitive screen combines with this kind of experience, and the strategic variations to gain more points add a lot of fun to the genre. Was he a star on the beats? So it also gives to challenge other players online.

10. Brotherhood of Violence II Lite

Platforms:  Android  /  iOS

The frantic punch of that title is addictive for two reasons: at times it emulates the beat’em up of retro fighting games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage and in others it looks like arenas fighting, like Street Fighter or Tekken. The combination of punches and the customization of styles offer freshness and extra fun for the genre.