4 ways to access your local files over the internet

Homegroups and file sharing are the easiest ways to access your files from another PC on the same local network. However, to access the files on your computer over the Internet requires some extra settings.

We can do it in many ways, but we have a goal and a goal to find the safest way, and above all the fastest.


TeamViewer is the ideal solution for remotely accessing your computer. It is very useful both for you to access your own computer and for technical support. Even if TeamViewer is used to access your entire computer frequently, it can also be used for file transfers. To do this, it is simple, select the following option: “Transfer file”.



To make the transfer of files between PCs, it is enough that this option is activated. Remembering that in order to have access, both computers need to be connected and with internet access.

TeamViewer works on Windows, Linux and MAC. You can also use TeamViewer’s file transfer features on Android and iOS. This is the multi-platform solution that is easier to use and certainly the most recommended.

file transference

NAS and Routers

Some network-attached storage (NAS) have support for accessing your files over the internet. But if your NAS does not have this option it is possible to open some ports for you to access it through the web. However, if your NAS was designed just for the local environment, using it over the internet might not be as secure.

Some routers come with an integrated USB port. With it you can connect an external hard drive and access your files through the local network. You can also configure it to access your files over the internet if your router is supported. But be careful! Do a search on your device to find out if it is actually safe to access it over the internet.


You can also configure a VPN server on your home network and connect to it. By accessing the VPN server over the internet, your computer will be considered part of the network and you will have access to the shared files. Many companies make use of this server. It is only necessary to do access control and protect the VPN itself.

If you have a NAS and do not want to expose it on the internet, you can set up a VPN and access the NAS via VPN.



Cloud Storage Services

Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive are some cloud storage services. With them you can synchronize your files to the cloud automatically. A special folder is created on your computer and any file placed on it is automatically copied to the cloud.

This option may not be the most ideal for an advanced user, but for an average user it is an acceptable solution.


So we recommend using TeamViewer or some cloud storage service. If you have a NAS, you can configure it to access your files. If you have a large network, such as a company, you can set up a VPN.

But remember, before setting up a VPN or any other means of accessing your files over the internet, you should study and research a lot. If you configure it incorrectly, you may compromise the security of your files.