4 tips to type faster on your smartphone

For those people who have not grown up taking their back touch screen devices, typing in one can be very tricky. However, there are some tips that can help these people and even you, who was born in this generation, to type faster.

These tips can be used on any smartphone with touchscreen.

Two thumbs or just a finger


The first thing you should establish is the best way for you to type. Then see if you are more comfortable typing with the device vertically or horizontally. Each position has its particularity.

With the device upright, for example, using a single finger can make you type better than using two. The horizontal mode, in turn, allows the use of two thumbs. In this position, the keyboard can be set up for typing with thumbs only if you prefer. This mode allows you to type faster.

Auto Correction and word predictions

auto correct

In addition to the keyboards available on Google Play, your device’s standard keyboard has an automatic word processor and also a word prediction system. These helps greatly improve typing as it allows you to type without worrying about spelling mistakes and, where necessary, using predictions for larger words.

However, there are some keyboards that, by using these functions, further hinder than they help. So look for a quality keyboard and try to figure out which setting is best for you . An example of a third-party keyboard is SwiftKey , it is known as one of the best keyboards for mobile handsets.

Voice typing


This may sound strange, but it’s actually one of the best tools ever devised for mobile devices. The software recognizes every word you say and converts it to text. Although speech recognition is still not perfect, it can already be used without any complications. In any case, it is necessary to speak the words very clearly for a better result.

In addition, many applications make use of this feature on iPhone and Android, allowing voice typing in search fields and so on.

Text Shortcuts

Text shortcuts can also speed up typing too much. This feature can be especially useful when you intend to use short sentences. So when you enter the “fds” shortcut, it will appear in the text “weekend”.

Of course, these shortcuts must be configured according to each user. So you can analyze which shortcuts you use the most and so register in the software.

Now you no longer have excuses to spend 10 minutes answering an email on your smartphone! Hugs!