World in the digital universe, because we believe that for a market in constant evolution, it is the role of our company to differentiate, offering a variety of content, values of trust, respect and partnership as aggregators to our customers, partners and collaborators.

We value differentiated quality, so we believe in “A world without equal”, where the service, the relationship and the idea of growing together are as important as the quality of information we distribute. In this way we see the growth of the Digital World and the strengthening of established partnerships over time, as well as the emergence of new ones.

Mundo Digital is a young and avant-garde company, its own name already presents us as a wide range of information, product analysis and tips tailored to the needs of our customers, plus you can keep abreast of news from the Digital world. And if you have any doubts about what happens on your PC or Notbook, that’s fine, as we prepare step-by-step tutorials

The decision to create the Digital World is not new. It was already an idea that was maturing and was reinforced by my passing through the RIC Group for almost four years and the knowledge acquired in 2014 during the Master in Digital Journalism, an IICS course, in partnership with the University of Navarra (Spain).

Other sections and features will be released in the coming days. Once again, we invite you to join and participate in Mudno Digital commenting and sharing your ideas as well. I also hope to receive messages from fellow journalists spreading what they are doing on the internet.

We are the Digital World, and you are very welcome to be part of this unique world.