Pocket : Survive if you can!

Just came out of the oven plus an edition of Pocket , our weekly table with tips on apps and gamesfor mobile phones  and tablets . It is worth remembering that everything that is suggested here can be downloaded by the official Baixaki application .

And the theme of this episode will test your strategies and abilities as well as turn your stomach up! Get ready to face post-apocalyptic scenarios that are full of zombies .

1. Last Day on Earth: Survival

Platform: Android /  iOS

More than being scared to be snatched by a zombie , in Last Day on Earth you still need to worry about your survivor’s hunger and thirst. Scouring each corner is essential to collect materials that will ensure the construction of shelters and weapons. Want more? All this happens in an online multiplayer environment, that is, it guarantees a lot of fun.

2. Dead Ahead

Platform: Android /  iOS

You look in the rearview mirror and you see a horde of undead approaching. There is no alternative in Dead Ahead: it’s time to accelerate your bike and unload your rifles and machine guns. But watch out for the road because obstacles can slow your speed down. Well, you must already imagine what happens …

3. Dead Target

Platform: Android  /  iOS

Our third tip is Dead Target, an FPS that puts you in a squad of elite soldiers. Its mission is to gather information to trigger a massive attack on brain eaters . The problem is that midway there are obstacles, including some huge monsters. Huge indeed!

4. Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Platform: Android  /  iOS

If you have found the hitherto bloody suggestions too much, you might like Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. The famous franchise offers a more casual game with friendly plants that need to protect its base. The novelty in this title is the combination of card mechanics and confrontation. With this, victory only depends on your strategy .

5. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

Platform: Android  /  iOS

And if we’re talking about zombies , we could not leave out the series The Walking Dead. In the No Man’s Land chapter, Daryl needs your help to manage a community of survivors . Finding materials, producing food, training fighters, and, of course, killing walkers is just the beginning of this strategic adventure.

6. Zombie Gunship Free

Platform: Android  /  iOS

The Zombie Gunship footprint is quite different from what we’ve seen so far. In it, you sit in the cockpit of an ammo-powered fighter plane. Their goal is to protect the bunkers that house thousands of people. Well, friends, just machine-gun and bomb the undead groups .

7. Mini DAYZ

Platform: Android  /  iOS

Mini DAYZ is not for the weak, we can say that. Despite its retro look, the game brings a modern proposition: killing zombies on an open world map. This means that it is not enough to go out on a quarter of disgusting beings, you have to monitor your character’s health and use resources with caution, since they are scarce. How long will you survive in this scenario?

8. Zombie Attack : Survival

Platform: Android  /  iOS

To close our list we have Attack Zombie : Survival. You take command of a small group armed with clubs, axes and bows and arrow. Every move needs to be thought of, for one step to the wrong side can leave your staff surrounded by bloodthirsty creatures. The combination of strategy in time real, tower defense and action takes place in the right measure, which guarantees many hours of fun.


So, did you like our selection of zombie games ? Did you miss another cool title with the undead ? Then leave your suggestions in the comments and until the next Pocket !