Battle between MegaBot and Kuratas finally happens – and USA lead the victory

ter literally years of waiting since the initial challenge , the battle between the two real strands of the story – the American MegaBot and the Japanese Kuratas , more exactly – finally happened. The delay to the dispute, it is worth noting, was given so that both teams could prepare their robots (originally made for simple entertainment and presentations) for a fight, and suffered a lot of delays until the fateful transmission through the Twitch.

Who won the dispute? The USA. But not without a lot of caveats, since MegaBots literally had the chance to use two different robots and several different weapons. Not to mention, of course, in the three long (and slow) combat rounds, entitled to sports narration.

You can check the entire broadcast for the video below:

Starting the first battle, the advantage of Kuratas was enormous. Thanks to his Ichigeki Fist and a good initial boost, the Suidobashi robot simply ran towards the enemy and knocked him down while his opponent barely succeeded in firing a shot.

The second round, in turn, brought the entry of a new MegaBot competitor: none other than Eagle Prime, a larger, tougher and heavier model of its original wick. Although this gave more balance to the match – even with Kuratas revealing a drone aid to disrupt the opponents’ vision – the result was a draw, with both robots locked in front of each other without causing any real damage.

In the final round, though, the advantage of Eagle Prime was more than obvious. Exchanging his cannon for a motorized saw, the MegaBots wick managed to destroy much of the armor and armaments of the Kuratas, while his claw kept the Ichigeki Fist unused. As a result, Suidobashi’s automaton was unable to continue in combat.

Gif Kuratas vs MegaBotsAbove, a summary of the three rounds

If the fight was not even far off as the roving fans would expect? Certainly. If the dispute was somewhat choreographed and almost as slow as a chess dispute? Certainly. But the fact is: we love giant robots. That alone is enough to ensure fun for those who watch the fight, and to dream about what may arise over the next few years.

After this battle, there remains one last question: what will the next giants be to fight? The answer may already have been brought by China a few months ago, but we will wait to see if a new invitation will happen.