Android Oreo : Meet 10 new news from Google’s new OS

Google has just announced the latest version of Android that will be known as “Oreo”, along with this beautiful news, also released details on all improvements made in version 8.0 of the mobile operating system. However, there is no very significant visual change that was no longer present in the preliminary versions, Betas and Developer Previews.

Even so, we listened to the main news in a list, so you understand what can reach your cell phone in the coming months.

1. Faster startup

One of the points that Google most highlights for users of Android Oreo is the boot time. The Robot system does indeed have a tradition of taking more time to start than its main competitor, iOS , on most devices, but that is about to change. According to the creator of Android , the Oreo 8.0  will be twice as fast to connect and be ready for use.

2. Background Execution Limits

Another improvement that should contribute to OS performance is the novelty in the background execution limits. To save even more power from your battery, the new system will reduce background activity, these being one of the biggest causes for power consumption; otherwise, it will redirect a lot more processing power to the app that is actually active at the moment.

3. Native autocomplete

Google has been testing the ability to autocomplete logins in apps natively on Android , but now the feature will be available for all applications and for all Android 8.0. So when you change your phone, or reinstall an application, the system will enter your password and your username automatically on the first use.

4. New multitasking mode

The Android Nougat  brought multitasking split – screen for Android Pure last year, but now Google is releasing another possibility: Picture-in-picture. With this, you can minimize an app to one of the corners of the display and use another tool behind normally. This is especially interesting for video apps or messengers.

5. Notification points

Anyone who is switching from iOS to Android may be slow to get accustomed to the fact that, natively, the Robot system does not show any direct notification counter on the main screen icons. Samsung  and other brands have something similar in their interfaces, but Google is implementing the feature natively in the Robot with the Oreo version. But, unlike Apple  does, the search giant will put just a little dot on the icon to not disturb people. If the user wants to see the notifications without opening the top tab, he can tap the icon and see the details.

6. More safety

Google is shipping by default in Android Oreo its new security program called Google Play Protect . But this tool is not exactly new, and you can check out the details here . However, this means that the Robot will check for installed apps on a daily basis as well as those on Google Play for strange behavior.

Those found to be suspicious will be further scrutinized by Google, and of those, those identified as malware will be wiped out from all Android Oreo devices . Other than that, Google is also closing the siege around apps installed outside of Google Play. Users will now have to give more permissions to these softwares to function normally, reducing the chances of malicious applications to perform activities on the device without the owner noticing.

7. More battery

With efforts to improve performance, Google also expects Android Oreo smartphones to last longer than it takes. However, the company did not give an accurate estimate of how much extra time.

8. Emoji

All Android emojis have been redesigned on Android Oreo . Now those strange bubble-shaped faces have disappeared, and the company is following more closely what Apple and Microsoft do with their emoji. In this way, the appearance of emojis will become more universalized through operating systems. According to the company, 60 new emojis were also included.

New Android emojis design

9. Faster updates

The Project Treble , according to Google, is the biggest change in the foundations of Android ever made. Basically, the company compartmentalized several segments of the operating system, making the code modular. So when manufacturers go to work on updates, they can just tinker with what’s needed and send the news faster to their customers. In the long run, this can change the market for Android phones and make basic cell phones more durable.

10. For Developers

Some improvements of Android will leave happier developers. Apps now no longer need to include custom font packages in the APK. Now, these elements can be downloaded separately and thereby decrease the size of software on Google Play.

What’s more, developers will be able to distribute apps with perfectly square-looking icons and expect manufacturers’ interfaces to standardize the cuts in whatever format they want. Thus, all icons will have the same pattern on the user’s screen. There are a number of other improvements , such as the categorization of notifications, native popup instructions and integration with the Mopria system, which will allow Android to run 97{60744f0919d53124c03a11d98318193fda80b8dce065a9d207ce3efef73ed2c9} of the currently sold printers on the market.

There are a number of minor improvements you can check out through this link .