Oukitel U11 Plus: Review

he Android handset market is increasingly packed with Chinese options for the consumer seeking affordable solutions with supposedly competent hardware. However, the truth is that Asian brands are not always able to deliver completely innovative solutions.

Among many brands, Oukitel is a manufacturer that has come to call attention to its exaggerations – such as batteries up to 10 thousand mAh or cell phones with incredible resistance -, which, in theory, must exceed the advantages offered by big names.

We recently received the Oukitel U11 Plus, which is to be the “top of the line” brand. With very expressive configurations, this model stands out among so many more basic devices or that simply can not find a target audience.

This smartphone comes with giant screen, eight-core processor, lots of memory and even digital reader. In addition to these differentials, the manufacturer focuses on the issue of battery life. Of course the promises are diverse, but will it really deliver and experience a top of the line?


Generic design

When we speak of Chinese devices, it is common to have comments about identity, sometimes generic or not very innovative. This is precisely the case of the Oukitel U11 Plus, which arrives without bringing great news at this point and more like a copy of an HTC with some adjustments not very consistent.

The U11 Plus arrives in the black and blue versions, but the model presented on the manufacturer’s website does not look like what we get. We tested the device in black, which has a distinctive texture on the back, with circular arrangements around the biometric reader.

Despite the simple look, the finish is good and looks very sturdy. The aluminum edges help in this direction, but do not expect much from the rear or the screen (we will comment later on).

It is interesting to note that there is a large discrepancy between the manufacturer’s promise and reality. Oukitel says on its official website that this device is a “breathtaking work of art”. This design issue is quite relative, but considering the major models in the market, this device is well behind trend and innovation.

Good quality screen

Following the revenue of other brands that bet on screens with dimensions close to 6 inches, Oukitel has put on the U11 Plus a gigantic display. The 5.7-inch screen is quite nice for games and movies, even more with Full HD resolution.

Despite this, it does not even compare to the incredible screens we see on Samsung or LG devices. A quick glance already allows us to understand that the concept here is much closer to Quantum MUV Up, including the quality of display.

This is a good quality LCD display, with bright color and a balanced balance of brightness and contrast.

As for the protection, a technology like Gorilla Glass is lacking here to avoid possible risks. The 2.5D finish helps a bit in that direction, and fortunately the brand sends a protective film.

Android almost original

The Oukitel U11 Plus system is already Android 7.0, which really impressed us, as it comes with the latest security updates and more practical features for the day to day, as well as differs from other Chinese products that still opt By Android 6.0.

The system interface is Oukitel’s own, but it’s not that different from the standard version of Android. The manufacturer included some themes, which slightly change the colors and add some functions. The icons are custom and rounded, which leaves everything a bit confusing in the early hours.

Fortunately, the manufacturer innovated by adding a few tricks to this device. It comes with special features to open programs directly from the lock screen (with simple gestures), take screenshots with the movement of three fingers (just slide from the bottom up) or the quick lock on the Home button.

Reasonable performance, but some problems with games

With a well-balanced hardware configuration, the Oukitel U11 Plus delivers good performance on Android, with fast navigation and plenty of speed to open apps. Simple programs work quietly and open instantaneously.

The processor magic is the MediaTek 6750T chipset. The processor has eight cores – some run clocked up to 1.5 GHz, but half of them are limited to the 1.0 GHz frequency. With 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, you can open multiple apps in parallel and store Many files.

The graphics chip is the Mali T860, which despite being somewhat outdated, still withstand recent games. This component performs similarly to what we see in the Moto G5. With this chip, the U11 Plus even runs cool modern games in Full HD, but do not expect that performance.

It’s bizarre that U11 Plus “chokes” on simple games like Comix Zone. Mortal Kombat X also has light fights and, worse, sometimes the game closes for no reason. At least the Asphalt Extreme works well in the average quality.

Benchmarks – Performance comparisons

As usual, we’ve run a series of benchmarks to look at smartphone hardware performance. Below, we comment on three software that we use as main references: 3D Mark, AnTuTu Benchmark 6 and PCMark.


Considered one of the leading benchmark applications for graphics chips (both desktop and mobile), 3D Mark checks the rendering capabilities of textures, polygons, effects, and filters that are commonly used in games. To avoid distortions in the results, we ran Ice Storm Unlimited, which analyzes the capacity of the graphics chip independent of the resolution.


It is very tricky to ascertain the overall performance of a mobile phone based on the usage experience only, since the current hardware configurations deliver similar results. Thus, the use of a specialized application is quite useful. We usually use AnTuTu for this type of task, since it tests interface, CPU, GPU, storage and RAM.


For a more complete analysis that simulates practical activities, we use the PCMark program. This software has already become famous in computers for its efficiency and diversity of tests. On cell phones, it assesses the device’s ability for web browsing, video editing, writing and image editing.

Weak Cameras

The U11 Plus photo quality leaves a lot to be desired, especially in the automatic mode. The brand still tries to cheat on the numbers, with a propaganda that the resolution is 16 megapixels, when, in fact, the sensors are 13 megapixels.

The cameras make images more or less. They are enough to record moments in the day to day, but the overall result is well below expectations, with serious problems in the balance of brightness, contrast and other parameters.

Cellphones that make good records in dark settings are rare, so it’s not surprising that U11 Plus “makes ugly” in this kind of situation. However, the lack of quality even for captures in well-lit environments or even in daylight scenarios has left us worried. Check out some pictures:

The manufacturer highlights the flashes, but this does not help in almost any situation. In the end, to get photos with some quality, you will need to make manual adjustments and photography delicacy. Pretty bad for a “top of the line”.

Good battery life

At least the Oukitel U11 Plus battery is within acceptable range. With an energy component of 3,700 mAh, we do not doubt for 1 second of the capacity of the product in that sense.

By default, we perform a standardized test to check the battery life. In this process, we run a 1-hour video on YouTube, with WiFi on, screen brightness set at 50{60744f0919d53124c03a11d98318193fda80b8dce065a9d207ce3efef73ed2c9} and sound on. At the end of the test, we record the percentage of remaining battery power and, therefore, make a rough calculation of the energy duration until it is exhausted for that task.

The test with the Oukitel U11 Plus was good: the battery has a total autonomy of 9 hours and 5 minutes for video playback on the internet. For games, you can expect a range of up to 5 hours.

This range may increase if you adjust the screen brightness or do other tricks.


To compensate for the many bumps, Oukitel installed a biometric reader on the phone. Although not the fastest or most efficient, the safety component of the U11 Plus is quite practical in everyday life.

As for the sound part, you should not expect too much from this smartphone. The sound of this Oukitel is very weak, with shrill treble and an equalization that is not very pleasant when the volume is at the maximum level. So, you’d better buy headphones to enjoy your music with quality.

Worth it?

In the end, the Oukitel U11 Plus is a cell phone that is far from being a top of the line, but it is what the brand has to offer. He never has a chance to compete with big names in the industry or even the top of OnePlus. He is more of a competitor than Moto G5 or G5 Plus, but he loses in all respects to the main premium intermediaries.

In particular, I found this phone large and uncomfortable. The design part also did not please me and I did not see anything exceptional in the hardware part. The cameras are very weak and should not account for good records. The audio also leaves something to be desired, which makes the set quite weak. The only advantages are battery power and hands-on experience with Android.

Finally, it is important to think about the issue of price. The Oukitel U11 Plus stands out in this aspect, since it is available in Gearbest for about 500 reais, which is more or less the price of a LG K4. Thinking about that part, until it can be a reasonable bet. However, we do not recommend this product. So, what did you think of this Oukitel? Tell us in the comments.