Motorola Moto E4 Plus : Review

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The Moto E4 Plus is part of the most basic line of intermediate smartphones that Motorolalaunched in 2017. The company’s idea here is to bring a handset that delivers cool performance and cool features at a price that fits the budget of most Brazilians.

But is that even what the device can deliver? Not exactly, and the main fault is his performance – and I’m not just talking about games. It is in basic use that the Motorola cellphone sins more. Want to know more? So check out our full review now.

Weak where it should not be …

The E4 Plus comes with a quad-core MediaTek processor and 2 GB of RAM. This combination is enough for you to be able to use most of the most basic applications, but you can not guarantee that they will run smoothly. Just browse the interface and the menus of Android itself to have a subtle sense of slowness.

The app can get apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, but every once in a while you can pick up a few gaggles when you open the keyboard and type something, for example. As the problems already appear in the most basic use, one would expect that the thing would get worse at the time of the games. However, this is not what happens.

… and a little better where it does not make sense to be

Games like Uncharted  and Horizon Chase  surprised and ran without any problems and without performance declines, which left me stumped. Even Mortal Kombat , which has very demanding graphics, only showed frame drops at the time of the special blows, which have more visual effects. At that point, I tried to kick the tent stick with Injustice 2 , but then it really was too much for the Moto E4 Plus and the result was pretty bad.

That is, at the time of the games, you will be able to run well some pretty advanced ones, but the heavier ones will stay out of your reach anyway. In any case, even if the device holds up to the heaviest games, it does not mean that it has room for them.

The storage is only 16 GB, and more than 5 GB of this total is occupied by the system and by embedded applications that can not be deleted. That way, as much as you can to expand the space for photos and music with a micro SD card, there is not much left to install heavy apps. That is, it was better if the device had a better basic performance than at the time of the games.


In order to be able to directly compare the performance of the Moto E4 Plus to that of some competitors, the device was submitted to three benchmark applications. The tests used were 3D Mark (Ice Storm Unlimited), AnTuTu Benchmark 6 and Vellamo Mobile Benchmark (HTML5 and Metal).

3D Mark offers several tests to benchmark smartphones . Among them, Ice Storm Unlimited lets you compare processors and GPUs. Display resolution is a factor that can affect the final result. Here, the higher the score, the better the performance.

The results are provided individually and added together to generate a total score. And here is also the same maxim for points : the more, the better.

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark applies two tests to smartphones : HTML5 and Metal. In the first, it evaluates the performance of the mobile phone while accessing content on the Internet through browsers. Already in the second, it quantifies the performance of the processor. Again, larger numbers indicate better results.

Battery to make you jealous

If the performance of the Moto E4 Plus was disappointing, the battery is a completely different story. The handset comes with no less than 5,000 mAh of capacity and manages to make it perform very well – which is surprising since MediaTek processors are reputed to consume too much energy.

In our stress test, with continuous video playback on YouTube, with screen brightness at maximum, the E4 Plus was able to withstand enough to last an impressive 16 hours and 40 minutes before running out of power. This is the best result we had among all the smartphones we tested in 2017.

In everyday use, picking up the cell phone several times a day to check social networks and reply messages, and even to play and watch some videos from time to time, the battery can last for two full days without recharging. It is only not recommended for more intensive users because of poor performance. In addition, the recharge is not the fastest: the E4 Plus takes exactly three hours to go from 0{60744f0919d53124c03a11d98318193fda80b8dce065a9d207ce3efef73ed2c9} to 100{60744f0919d53124c03a11d98318193fda80b8dce065a9d207ce3efef73ed2c9} with your charger via micro USB – no Type-C here.

Family design

Going now to the design, the Moto E4 Plus follows a style very similar to that of its intermediate brother, the Moto G5 – both the front and rear style without a lump for the camera. The most noticeable difference is in size, since the E4 Plus has a larger screen. In any case, the visual follows the standard language for Motorola’s current cell phones , so you’ll have to decide whether you like it or not. He did not catch my attention, but he did not dislike it either.

The E4 Plus is a relatively heavy device, but it has a good grip and fits right in the hand. The back is metal and does not slide too much in the hand. However, if it slips and falls on the hard ground, then it is good for you to be mentally prepared for some bruises on the carcass and on the canvas. In our case, a fall was enough for him to have small damage on both sides.

One curious thing about the Moto E4 Plus is the back cover. You have to make a little force to withdraw it and thus be able to put the operator chips and a micro SD card. But however much you open the lid, the battery is not removable. It gets screwed in place – and it’s better not to mess so you do not risk ruining the warranty.

Nice display

The screen of the Moto E4 Plus is IPS LCD, comes with 5.5 inches and has HD resolution. For that whole size, a Full HD resolution would be welcome, since it would let you show more details . Even so, the way it is the result is OK for anyone who is not very picky. The brightness is good enough for you to be able to use your mobile phone anywhere.

The large 5.5-inch screen would be more interesting if the E4 Plus had Full HD resolution

The color of the display even surprised me a little. Normally, an IPS LCD panel usually has a bit more whitish tones, and this usually annoys me a lot. However, on the E4 Plus Motorola was able to do a good job on this. The result is still not the same as an AMOLED or Super AMOLED, but it comes quite close.

Good morning and bad photos at night

Following for the cameras of the Moto E4 Plus, the rear has 13 MP can take photos with a very good result during well-lit days. The colors are cool and the photos are full of details . The quality falls a lot in dark environments, but you can still break a branch in case of need.

On the front camera, the story is pretty much alike, but a little worse. The selfies look good in places with strong lights , but in the dark they end up getting pretty shabby. The front flash helps make photos at least usable, but do not expect miracles in quality. In the videos, the maximum resolution is HD, so you can not expect anything spectacular here.

Photos taken with the Moto E4 Plus:

Android standard

On the interface, Motorola maintained its standard and brought a system very close  to the pure Android Nougat for the Moto E4 Plus. It already comes with the updated Google Pixel style , which swaps the button of the apps drawer by the gesture of sliding the finger from bottom to top. In this sense, anyone who is accustomed to the standard experience of the green robozinho system should not have any problems.

In addition, the Motorola phone also has the multi-functional digital reader that appeared in the Moto G5  and G5 Plus  and Moto Z2 Play . With this, it lets you take the navigation buttons off the screen if you want and perform their functions with gestures on the biometric sensor, which is pretty cool.


Still about the biometric sensor, it is good to mention that it works very well at the time of registering and reading your fingerprints to unlock the screen. He is not as nimble as the more expensive brothers in E4 Plus, but that does not bother him at all.

The speaker has several small problems, but at least the E4 Plus comes with a headset

On the audio, the speaker has a good volume, but rather distorts the sounds in the strongervolumes . Also, the speaker’s position is poor, staying in the corner of the bottom of the phone. Normally, here I would tell you that this is not cool, because it is easy to cover with the hand on time and watch videos in full screen, but in E4 Plus something funny happens.

Because the back cover of the phone is not sealed, the sound will leak out even when you cover the speaker output. At least the handset comes with a basic headset in the box, which has a good fit to fit inside the ear and even has spare drums.

Before closing, it is good to say that the Moto E4 Plus comes with separate spaces for two SIM chips and for the micro SD card. That way, you can use two cell numbers and expand the memory at the same time, no problem.

Worth it?

The Motorola launched the Moto E4 Plus in Brazil with the official price of $ 949, but now has dropped to R $ 899. Even so, the phone has just not worth very much worth it. Paying only $ 100 more, you can buy the company’s own Moto G5, which has a much better performance and some more advantages.

The only situation in which the E4 Plus would be more suitable is for those who do not really care about the weak performance and makes a point of a battery that lasts more than a day. It is only then that the Moto E4 Plus would be the best choice – and even then, I would still prefer to buy a Moto Z Play, which also has an excellent battery .

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Moto E4 Plus

Moto E4 Plus

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Operating System Version Android 7.1.1 Nougat
Screen Type IPS LCD with 16 million colors
Screen Size 5.5 inches
Screen Resolution 1280 X 720 pixels
Chipset MediaTek MT6737 Cortex-A53
RAM memory 2GB
Internal Storage 16 GB
Memory card MicroSD, expandable up to 128 GB
Back camera 13 MP, maximum resolution of 4160 x 3120 pixels
Battery Capacity 5000 mAh
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So, what did you think of the cell phone? Send your opinion and any questions you have left in the comments below, which I will reply as soon as I can. And who wants to buy the Moto E4 Plus at a great price just have a look at the links below to find the discount smartphone.